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Local Authority Integration Team (LAIT)

The aim of the Local Authority Integration Team (LAIT) is to help people to integrate into Irish society.

Our Role

Integration means helping people who have moved to a new country feel like they belong while also preserving their own identity and culture. This will include access to learning the language, entering employment, education, and training.

The Local Authority Integration Team (LAIT) works with:

  • Applicants for International Protection
  • Those with Refugee, Subsidiary Protection, or Permission to remain status
  • Programme Refugees
  • Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection

What We Do

The Local Authority Integration Team (LAIT) will guide you to services you need to integrate into the community.

To do this, we need to identify the supports you need. For this reason, we will ask you questions about your health, family, community integration, employment, education and your day-to-day living.

The Local Authority Integration Team aims to support people to integrate into Ireland by providing:

  • A Directory of local services
  • Signposting to relevant services
  • Information Packs
  • Information Clinics

LAIT Frequently Asked Questions

An online booking system will be available in the coming weeks.  Alternatively, you can email or phone 086-1648318. 

Once your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive a text or email with the location details and the name of the person you will meet.  

You will meet with one of the Integration Support Workers and will be asked questions about your health and wellbeing, family, community integration, employment, education, your day-to-day living and accessing public services.

You do not have to answer any questions if you do not wish to do so The information which you share will be treated in a confidential manner and stored securely.   The Integration Support worker will then signpost you the relevant services, provide an information pack or inform you about upcoming information clinics

You can visit our Facebook page to learn more about the different types of events, services, jobs and training opportunities available.  

No, the LAIT team does not have any role in providing accommodation, or identifying or dealing with locations suitable for same.

This is the role of the Department of Children Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth 

The Peter McVerry Trust are contracted to provide support to individuals with status in guiding them through the process of sourcing their own accommodation.  

No, the LAIT does not have a role in supporting people to seek accommodation under the ARP program.

If you have been granted temporary protection and would like information on ARP, please see  gov - Accommodation Recognition Payment ( 

If you would like more information on offering your home, please see Offer a Home.  

If you would like to pledge a property, please contact Offer a Home Waterford or phone 058-22059. 

Contact the LAIT