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Local Community Safety Partnership

The Local Community Safety Partnership unites government, statutory services, voluntary sector, local councillors, and community members to address local community safety issues.

The Community Safety Project explained

The Local Community Safety Partnership is a new government initiative which will bring together statutory services, the voluntary and community sector, local councillors and community members to work together to identify and tackle community safety issues locally. New Local Community Safety Partnerships will be piloted first in three areas: Waterford City and County, Longford County, and Dublin’s North Inner City Local Electoral Area. The Waterford pilot is supported by the Department of Justice and Waterford City & County Council.

Community safety is a broad concept that goes beyond just policing and crime. It’s about people being and feeling safe in their communities, and it includes everything from visible Gardaí to safe places for children to play. Community safety needs a multi-agency approach, where services work together to deliver on the needs of individual communities. We also need the community, those who live and work there, to be a part of this. We think your organisation can play an important role. We need your help to identify priorities, devise and implement solutions either as part of the Local Community Safety Partnership or the wider community network.

How will this work?

The Local Community Safety Partnership will give the community a stronger voice in identifying and tackling the issues that individuals, families, young people, business owners and all members of the community face. Representatives of the community will make up 51% of the members of the Local Community Safety Partnership, meaning community voices will be the majority.

The membership list is available to view.


The Local Community Safety Partnership will work with the community to identify local priorities and use these to develop a local community safety plan that will be delivered in a collaborative fashion by all stakeholders.

The Waterford Community Safety Plan 2023-2028 is the result of the collaborative efforts of the Local Community Safety Partnership and its constituent organisation, other stakeholders and the community of Waterford City and County.

Waterford Community Safety Plan 2023-2028

What else do I need to know about this initiative?

The Local Community Safety Partnership brings together residents, community representatives, business interests, Councillors, the voluntary sector, local authorities and state services such as An Garda Síochána, Túsla and the HSE to devise and implement the WLCSP Local Community Safety Plan 2023-28.

The partnership has an independent chairperson, Mr Sean Aylward.  It has been running as a pilot in Waterford City and County since August 2021 and has now been extended to 30/06/2024.

The Interim LCSP Evaluation Report is now available.

Interim LCSP Evaluation


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