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The term ‘broadband’ refers to high capacity internet access.

What is Broadband ?

The term ‘broadband’ refers to high capacity internet access. Broadband connectivity is of great importance for growth, innovation, social cohesion and is fast becoming a necessity of everyday life in Ireland.

You can keep up with the latest news on the NBP (National Broadband Plan) on the Departments website.

Delivery of high speed broadband to all parts of Ireland is a priority for government. The National Broadband Plan (NBP) is a framework for the provision of high speed broadband through a combination of commercial and State investment.

The plan follows previous initiatives such as the National Broadband Scheme, which provided basic broadband services in areas that could not be commercially served, and the Metropolitan Area Networks (MANS) which provide fibre based connectivity in over 90 towns across Ireland.

The National High Speed Broadband Map

The National High Speed Broadband Map identifies locations and premises as being AMBER, BLUE or LIGHT BLUE. The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment update the map on a quarterly basis. The most recent update shows the progress to Q2 2019.

  • AMBER areas – are the target areas for the State intervention of the National Broadband Plan.
  • BLUE areas – where commercial operators are delivering or have indicated plans to deliver high speed broadband services. Operators are continuing to enhance their services in these areas to improve access to high speed broadband. Please contact us at to let us know if you cannot get high speed broadband from the providers in your area. It would be helpful if you could advise the Department of any operators you may have contacted.
  • LIGHT BLUE areas – areas where Eir has committed to commercial rural deployment plans to rollout high speed broadband to 300,000 premises