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Dungarvan Town Map Collection

In 1832, the Boundary Commission produced a report and map on the boundaries of Dungarvan Town, Co. Waterford. More detailed maps of the town were produced as part of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland in 1842. These maps are now available online from theĀ Ordinance Survey of Ireland.

In January 1901 the first in a series of detailed maps of Dungarvan Town were produced as part of a drainage scheme for Dungarvan.These maps are a great resource for Dungarvan and show many of the buidings and amenities of Dungarvan at the time.

The maps were largely the work of Michael Beary, Dungarvan Borough Surveyor and show a vibrant Dungarvan town with exciting local amenities such as Turkish Baths, public parks and public bathing facilities. However, the maps were produced in response to a report by Dr. Brown, Medical Inspector, Local Government Board made 18th July 1899. His report highlighed the poor drainage in the town which he held directly responsible for a recent case of enteric fever and an outbreak of typhus in October 1898. Dungarvan Urban District Council held a Special Meeting on 17th November 1899 to consider his report and those of the Medical Officer of Health, Sanitary Officer and the Borough Surveyor. Michael Beary, Borough Surveyor, presented a report on a new Dungarvan Main Drainage Scheme that was unanimously passed by the members who directed the Executive Sanitary Officer to seek a loan from the Local Government Board to execute this proposal. A loan was duly procured and Michael Beary produced his detailed plans for the new drainage scheme.

Dungarvan Town, 1901 Dungarvan Drainage, 1901 – This colour map produced by Michael Beary shows Dungarvan in great detail with many of the buildings in the town identified with the town’s amenities also on show. Among the amenities in Dungarvan were Turkish Baths conveniently located opposite Dungarvan Castle and Infantry Barracks.

Turkish Baths Turkish Baths, 1901 – At the time the Drainage Scheme was being developed the Park and Ladies and Men’s Bathing places were being re-developed courtesy of a bequest made by Captain Gibbons. The park was developed and new bathing boxes were procured and the concrete repaired at the bathing places. Cocoa matting was supplied for the spring board at the bathing place.

The Park, Dungarvan, 1901 – Bathing Places, Ladies and Men’s Bathing, 1901 – In addition to showing details of Dungarvan town the maps also show the details and depths of Dungarvan Harbour.

Dungarvan, 1902 Dungarvan Main Drainage, 1902 – The scheme extended to Abbeyside and Dungarvan wards in 1911. Dungarvan Main Drainage, 1911. Michael Beary was very passionately involved in the design and building of the Dungarvan Drainage Scheme and continued his involvement after he left his position as Borough Surveyor.

Dungarvan, 1912 – Dungarvan Drainage, November 1912 – These maps present a flavour of the series of maps for Dungarvan and further maps are available at the County Archive. The maps show the lines of the pipes but also indicate the lands acquired for the scheme and identify the owners of these lands. Among the detailed sketches of the pipelines are further features from Dungaran town of the time, including this detailed sketch of a lamppost in the town.

Please note that these maps are copyright to Dungarvan Town Council and the permission of the Archivist is required for the copying or publication of the maps.