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Disability Access Certificates

In accordance with Article 20D of the Building Control Regulations 1997 to 2009 an application for a disability access certificate shall be accompanied by such plans, (including a site or layout plan) and such other particulars as are necessary to :

  • identify and describe the works or building to which the application relates,
  • enable the building control authority to assess, whether the said works or building would, if constructed in accordance with the said plans and other particulars, comply with the requirements of Part M of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations,
  • identify the nature and extent of the proposed use and, where appropriate, of the existing use of the building concerned.

Each application form must be accompanied by the fee of €800. Please note that each building requires a separate form and fee. The extent to which plans, details and specifications will be required to establish compliance with Part M of the Building Regulations will vary in individual cases depending on the type, size and complexity of the building concerned but the information below can be used as a guideline. Where relevant, all plans and information listed below should be supplied.

  • A fully comprehensive report denoted to correspond with Technical Guidance Document Part M clause numbers (submitted in duplicate)
  • A set of drawings covering all areas of accessibility (submitted in duplicate)

Plans should include the following:

  • Floor plans, cross sectional drawings of the building and drawings of each elevation. Include other detailed drawings as appropriate. (The north point should be indicated on all plans.)
  • Plans, sections, elevations or other drawings should be drawn to an appropriate scale of not less than 1:100.
  • A site layout plan to a scale of not less than 1:500 and a site location map not less than either 1:2500 or 1:1000.
  • Location of all vehicle and pedestrian access points, approach routes and roadways to the site. Including sloped and stepped routes.
  • All entrances to the building, highlighting the main entrance onto the site.
  • All on site parking spaces including set down areas from where a person may alight from a vehicle.

Further information and advice is available from:
Waterford City & County Council, Building Control Section, Dungarvan Fire Station, Kilrush, Dungarvan, Co.Waterford.

Phone: 058 21146, Fax: 058 44149


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