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Other Emergency Services

Information and links supplied here are to external emergency services, covering a range of crucial supports including the Civil Defence, Coast Guard, Garda Síochána, Mountain Rescue, and Water Safety. Each service plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of our community, offering specialised assistance in times of need. For detailed insights into each service and how they contribute to our society, please visit each of their pages below.

Civil Defence

The Irish Civil Defence plays a crucial role in supporting emergency services across Ireland. It’s an organization dedicated to volunteer-based community service, offering a wide range of services including medical response, search and rescue operations, emergency response, radiation monitoring, and community assistance. Its volunteers are trained to provide aid and support during times of crisis, helping to ensure the safety and well-being of the public.

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Irish Coast Guard

The Irish Coast Guard (Garda Cósta na hÉireann), a division within the Irish Maritime Directorate of the Department of Transport, is vital for maritime safety and environmental protection. It coordinates maritime search and rescue, pollution response, and offers assistance to vessels in distress. It also maintains marine communication infrastructure and supports other emergency services in Ireland.

With a mix of full-time staff and volunteers, the Coast Guard ensures the safety of maritime transport and the marine environment around Ireland.

In an emergency dial “999” or “112” and ask for the Coast Guard.

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The Irish Coast Guard

An Garda Síochána

An Garda Síochána, Ireland’s national police and security service, plays a pivotal role in maintaining public safety and security. This organisation is dedicated to preventing crime, ensuring road safety, and providing emergency response. It also focuses on community engagement, working closely with citizens to address concerns and enhance the quality of life throughout Ireland.

In an emergency dial “999” or “112” and ask for the Gardaí.

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South East Mountain Rescue (SEMRA)

South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association (SEMRA) provide a search and rescue service for those who find themselves in difficulty on the mountains of the south east of Ireland. The area of operation includes but is not confined to The Galtee Mountains, The Knockmealdown Mountains, The Comeragh Mountains and the Blackstairs Mountains. It is a 24×7 service and it is available 365 days a year. The team typically respond to over 25 call outs per year. The members are drawn from all counties in the south east and beyond. SEMRA is a member team of Mountain Rescue Ireland, the Irish Mountain Rescue Association.

In an emergency, a Mountain Rescue team is called-out by phoning 999 or 112 and asking the emergency operator for ‘Mountain Rescue’. You will then be connected to a Garda station where your call will be answered, the situation assessed and, if necessary, the team called out.

In an emergency dial “999” or “112” and ask for the Gardaí.

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South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association