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The Climate Action team of Waterford Council is responsible for an array of initiatives aimed at combating climate change and leading the transition towards carbon neutrality.

Key efforts include the implementation of the Community Climate Action Programme, designed to engage both small and large communities in climate action efforts, with an emphasis on building low carbon communities and promoting cross-border climate action projects. Waterford’s commitment to carbon neutrality is underscored by its strategy for becoming the first city in Ireland to achieve this goal, through policy measures and the execution of both adaptation and mitigation projects.

The Council’s activities encompass a broad spectrum of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, from updating public lighting to energy-efficient LED lights, aiming for carbon-neutral buildings by 2025, to promoting active travel by developing extensive networks of cycleways and footpaths. Additionally, the adoption of electric vehicles and smart solar-powered compactor bins illustrates the Council’s innovative approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Action Plan 2024 - 2029

Waterford City and County Council adopted its Climate Action Plan in February 2024.

The plan sets out how the Council will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations and in the services that we provide to the people of Waterford.

The plan also contains information on how the Council will prepare for changes in weather patterns. Climate will be a consideration in all Council projects going forward from looking at energy efficiency to reducing waste and to designing with extreme weather in mind.

Download the Climate Action Plan 2024-2029 Leagan Gaeilge

The Climate Action Plan was developed adhering to all environmental standards. A Strategic Environmental Assessment and a Natura Impact Report were prepared and are available below.

Download the SEA Environmental Report SEA Statement and SEA Notice of Adoption Download the Natura Impact Report AA Conclusion Statement and AA Final Determination Learn more about the Local Authority Climate Action Plan
Climate Action Plan document cover

Community Climate Projects

The Climate Team manages the Community Climate Action Programme in Waterford City & County.

The programme provides funding for communities to deliver projects that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions or help communities to adapt to Climate Change.

Over half a million euros will be distributed through this fund in 2024 to projects that will benefit communities and help communities to play their role in tackling Climate Change.

Learn more about the CCAP
Community Climate Action Programme

Waterford: Ireland’s first Carbon Neutral City

In 2021, Waterford City and County Council chose Waterford City as their Decarbonising Zone with the intention of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040, reducing fossil fuel use in the city and replacing with renewables where possible.

Waterford City and County Council in partnership with other partners in the city such as SETU, the Chambers, the HSE, Large Employers and the general public will work together to reach the Carbon Neutral goal.

We are Ireland’s oldest city, learn how you can play your part in making Waterford, Irelands first Carbon Neutral City.

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Climate and Energy

Waterford City and County Council has a commitment to improve our energy efficiency by 50% by 2030 and we also have a responsibility to help the Waterford public make energy savings.

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Climate and Business

Almost 25% of emissions in County Waterford come from the business sector. Waterford City and County Council have been working with businesses to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

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International and National Collaboration

The effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is an international one and Waterford City and County Council are benefitting from learning from other municipalities across Ireland, the EU and the World.

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Microgeneration can be defined as the generation of electricity from renewable technologies by domestic or small business properties. The power generated from these sources can be exported to the national grid and a payment or Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) will be made available to the renewable generator.

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