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Climate and Business

Businesses are playing their part in reducing emissions in Waterford. Businesses across the city & county are taking the Climate Pledge for Businesses to reduce their emissions.

Climate Pledge For Businesses

The Climate Pledge for Businesses, previously known as the Commercial Energy Rates Discount Scheme, rewards business who are making sustainability a priority by returning percentage of their rates. WCCC set out the Commercial Energy Rates Discount in 2022 to reward businesses of a certain size, who were making energy efficiency a priority with a rates discount. In 2022 almost 1,000 businesses completed the application and in 2023 over 600 businesses applied for the rates discount.

Make the climate pledge – more details will on this scheme will be coming in summer 2024.

LEO Sustainability Initiatives

‘Green for Business’ is a free initiative from the Local Enterprise Office which aims to help businesses become more sustainable. You’ll receive two days of consultancy with a specialist Green Consultant who can recommend specific changes and give you practical advice on how to become more sustainable and reduce costs. This will benefit both your business and the environment.

Find the application form and eligibility here: Local Enterprise Office (

The Energy Efficiency Grant supports the investment in technologies and equipment identified in a Green for Business Report, GreenStart Report or a SEAI Energy Audit with 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum grant of €5,000. The aim of the scheme is to reduce the impact of enterprises on the environment thereby increasing the agility and resilience of these businesses.

All details, including eligibility can be found here and the application form can be found here.


Waterford City & County Council applies annually on behalf of businesses for the Communities Energy Grant, a national retrofit initiative managed by SEAI. For more information on the Communities Energy Grant, click here: Everything you need to know about applying for Communities Energy Grant – South East Energy Agency

Case Study Of Waterford Business and the Communities Energy Grant

This information is currently being prepared.

The Triple E Register for Products

The Triple E register is a list of products approved as being energy efficient. It helps all sectors to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs. Products on this register all meet a minimum set of stringent energy efficiency criteria and typically will be of a best-in-class efficiency standard. As such, procuring against this register will provide you with the assurance that you are purchasing a product of very high efficiency.

The Triple E register can be found here: Triple E Register for Products | Business & Public Sector | SEAI