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International and National Collaboration

The effort to reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency is international. We work with our national partners, neighbouring local authorities, and the Climate Action Regional Offices (Home – CARO). We also collaborate beyond national boundaries with our neighbours through European and international programmes.

Covenant of Mayors

Waterford County Council signed up to the Covenant of Mayors in May 2011. The Covenant of Mayors is a European Initiative, by which towns, cities and regions voluntary commit to reducing their CO² emissions beyond a 20% target by 2020. There are currently 2,000 Towns, Cities and Regions signed up to the Covenant of Mayors all of which are committed to the principles of best energy policy. Read more about the Covenant of Mayors here. Covenant of Mayors – Europe | Covenant of Mayors – Europe (


NetZeroCities is part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme in support of  European Union’s Green Deal. NetZeroCities has been designed to help cities overcome the current structural, institutional and cultural barriers they face in order to achieve climate neutrality by 2030.  The project works as a service-oriented platform supported by world-class practitioners. It helps European cities by providing them with the support and solutions they need to achieve their Net Zero goal in a socially inclusive way. As part of this project, Waterford has been partnered with Bristol. Learn more about Net Zero Cities here. The NZC project – NetZeroCities


ClimateGO brings together seven partners from six European cities and regions with expertise and desire to change policies to support climate resilience in governance according to EU goals. The project partnership includes different levels of climate governance development and a mix of policy instruments that allows sharing and learning. Learn more about ClimateGO here. ClimateGO – Pathways to Climate-Smart Governance | Interreg Europe – Sharing solutions for better policy

Future Goals for International Collaboration

The WCCC Climate Team is also working towards achieving the European Green Leaf Award, the equivalent of the European Green Capital for smaller cities. Being European Green Leaf makes citizens proud and spurs local action on environmental projects, making the city attractive as a destination and as a better place to live for its citizens. The application process helps create self-awareness and gives the opportunity to benchmark with other peer cities. Finalists and winners become part of a network of frontrunning cities that exchange knowledge and best practices.

Learn more about the European Green Leaf Award here. European Green Leaf – Publications Office of the EU (