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Our Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan 2024-2029

Waterford City and County Council adopted its Climate Action Plan in February 2024.

The plan sets out how the Council will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations and in the services that we provide to the people of Waterford.

The plan also contains information on how the Council will prepare for changes in weather patterns. Climate will be a consideration in all Council projects going forward from looking at energy efficiency to reducing waste and to designing with extreme weather in mind.

Download the Climate Action Plan 2024-2029 Leagan Gaeilge

The Climate Action Plan was developed adhering to all environmental standards. A Strategic Environmental Assessment and a Natura Impact Report were prepared and are available below.

Download the SEA Environmental Report SEA Statement and SEA Notice of Adoption Download the Natura Impact Report AA Conclusion Statement and AA Final Determination

Progress To Date

Here you will find updates on the WCCC Climate Action Plan and our progress towards meeting the goals of the Plan, as well as information about upcoming events.

Timeline of the Plan:

  • January – April 2023 – Information gathering, climate action training, strategic planning
  • May-June 2023 – Pre-draft public consultation, gathered initial thoughts and ideas from Waterford stakeholders via Consult Portal.
  • July-September 2023 – Commenced drafting of the LCAP.
  • Mid-September 2023 – Brought draft to Councillors for consultation.
  • October 2023 – Refined draft and make final adjustments.
  • November-January 2023/24 – Opened finalised draft for public consultation.
  • January/February 2024 – Brought draft to Councillors for vote on final approval.
  • February 8th 2024 – Plan was approved by plenary council.
  • March 7th – Plan was officially published and made available to the public.


Plan Updates:

March 2024: as of February 8th, the Waterford City & County Council Climate Action Plan has been unanimously adopted by the Plenary Council. The plan was officially published on March 7th. The Plan, as well as all supporting environmental reports and documents are currently available at Baileys New Street public office, Lady Lane Library, Dungarvan Civic Offices public, and Dungarvan library until April 29th.