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Responsible Dog Ownership

Under the law, every dog over 4 months is required to be licenced.

Owner Responsibilities

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. Whether you already own a dog or are considering getting one, consider the following points :

  • Choose a dog that is right for you and your circumstances. Different breeds and ages of dog have different requirements in relation to exercise, space, food, grooming, veterinary attention etc.
  • Vaccinate your dog and don’t forget a booster vaccination every year. This will protect your dog against potentially fatal canine diseases.
  • Worm your dog regularly. Every 3 months is recommended. This will prevent worms which can cause disease in both dogs and humans (particularly young children).
  • Buy a dog licence and renew it annually.
  • Have your dog neutered (whether male or female) if you do not intend to breed from it. Most veterinary practices operate the Dogs’ Trust Subsidised Neutering Scheme.
  • Ensure your dog gets appropriate exercise.
  • Ensure your dog has appropriate shelter, is fed appropriately and that clean water is always available.
  • Keep your dog under control at all times.
  • Ensure your dog has a collar with your name and telephone number on it.


An individual Dog Licence costs €20.00 and must be renewed each year. An on-the-spot fine of €30 may be issued by the Dog Warden to any dog owner unable to produce an up-to-date licence.

Individual dog licences may be purchased at any Post Office or online at A General Dog Licence for an unlimited number of dogs costs €400. This must also be renewed every year.

A Lifetime Dog Licence is also available at a cost of €140. General Dog Licences and Lifetime Dog Licences are only available directly from the Council offices. The Dog Warden carries out ongoing licence checks in all areas on a regular basis.

Dog IDs

Every dog must have a collar with the owner’s name and address inscribed on a disc or on a badge. Failure to do this may result in an on-the-spot fine of €100. This will help if your dog is lost or stolen. These can be bought at veterinary surgeries and pet shops.