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Litter & Dumping

Waterford has been judged to be the Cleanest City in Ireland once again in the Irish Business Against Litter surveys 2024.


Litter is defined in the Litter Pollution Act, 1997 as “a substance or object, whether or not intended as waste that, when deposited in a place other than a litter receptacle or other place lawfully designated for the deposit, is or is likely to become unsightly, deleterious, nauseous or unsanitary, whether by itself or with any other such substance or object, and regardless of its size or volume or the extent of the deposit”.

Illegal Littering

Litter Management Plan 2021-2024

In accordance with the requirements of the Litter Pollution Acts 1997-2003, Waterford City & County Council have made the Waterford City & County Council Litter Management Plan 2021-2024.

A copy of the Litter Management Plan 2021–2024 is available here.

Litter Management Plan 2021-2024

Draft Bye-Laws for the Prevention and Control of Litter

Please note that Waterford City & County Council has adopted new Bye-Laws, in accordance with Section 21 of the Litter Pollution Act 1997 and Section 199(1) of the Local Government Act 2001 and in accordance with Part 19 of the Local Government Act 2001, for the Prevention and Control of Litter in the administrative area of Waterford City & County Council.

Report Litter & Dumping

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