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Policy on Advertising Signage

Waterford City & County Council recognises the value of advertising signs to visitors, customers, businesses, community groups etc. and to the general vitality and vibrancy of an area. It also, recognises, however, that they can have a negative environmental impact as well as being a hindrance to traffic safety and safe pedestrian movement.

In order to achieve a reasonable balance, it is vital that the situation with regard to advertising signage is monitored and regulated, especially signage of a temporary nature. From a legislation and regulation perspective, advertising is governed by the Planning and Development Acts 2000-2011, the Litter Pollution Acts 1997-2003, the Protection of the Environment Act 2003, the Roads Act 1993 and the regulations applying to these Acts. It is worth noting that certain signs are exempt under the above regulations, e.g. election posters, but even these have certain conditions and limitations.

The “Policy on Advertising Signs” is intended to bring these together as well as to provide extra support to regulating this area.

The aim of this policy is to support good, creative and necessary signage in appropriate places and for appropriate events, facilities and services. It is also to ensure that the overall presentation of the city and county and the image which it portrays to residents, visitors and potential investors is not negatively affected by inappropriate and unauthorised signage. The aim is not to be anti-business or anti-community but rather to support economic activity, quality of standards and consistency in decision-making and to generally portray a positive image of Waterford.

The following are some of the issues which have been identified as being problematic with regard to advertising and signage in Waterford, in the city, towns and villages and even rural locations:

  • A-Frames (or Sandwich Boards)
  • Signs for Community Events
  • Banners/placards on railings and fences
  • Poorly made and designed signs and posters
  • Poor local authority signage
  • Auctioneers’ Signs
  • Mobile Signs (e.g. On trailers/bicycles etc)
  • Election Signs etc
  • Temporary signage advertising circuses, protests etc
  • Cars for Sale

Apply for a permit to erect temporary signage

Completed applications should be submitted to:
Ms Kathryn Jones, Environmental Enforcement Technician, Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford. Email: Tel: 051-849720

Documents are available below.