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Waste Tyres


The Waste Management (Tyres and Waste Tyres) Regulations 2017 came into force on October 1st 2017. These regulations replaced the existing 2007 regulations. The objective of the new regulations is to ensure the appropriate recovery of end of life tyres.

To fund this recovery, the regulations require the implementation of a visible environmental management charge (vEMC) on tyres placed on the Irish market. The vEMC will allow waste tyres to be collected for recovery when new tyres on which the vEMC has been paid are purchased. This vEMC must be shown separately on every invoice, catalogue, advertisement and website where the price is shown, and shall include the words “Included in these prices is a statutory contribution to recycling costs”.

The vEMC per tyre is as follows:

Tyre CategorySub-CategoryCN CodevEMC
Category 1 Car/Van/4×4<=13 kgs40111000€2.80
Category 2 Truck/Bus/Light Commercial<=45 kgs40112010€6.70
Truck/Bus/Heavy>45 kgs40112090€11 (from 1/1/2018)
Category 1 Car/Van/4×4<=8 kgs40114020 / 40114080€1.50

There is currently no vEMC charge on agricultural and construction tyres.

The regulations also impose obligations on persons who supply tyres to the Irish market, whether as manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, traders, or retailers and on the collectors of waste tyres (including facilities dealing in end of life vehicles) to register with a compliance scheme with an approved body. The only approved body for this purpose is RepakELT.

Farmers who wish to obtain tyres for use in covering silage pits will no longer be able to obtain these from tyre retailers. To obtain these they must be registered with RepakELT to allow them receive tyres from an authorised waste tyre collector, and will be limited to 8 tyres per square metre of any silage pits floor area.

Further details are available from