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Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Section is responsible for processing all payments made by the Council including contract and non-contract payments, higher education and all other grant payments, housing loans, travel and subsistence etc.

Payment Policy to Suppliers

The following is Waterford City and County Council’s Policy in relation to the payment of invoices to suppliers. We are committed to:

  • Paying Suppliers within a timeframe of 15 days, commencing the day the Accounts Payable section receives a valid invoice.
  • Monitoring invoices received to ensure that payments are processed in a timely manner.
  • Giving clear guidance to suppliers on their role in ensuring timely payment of invoices.
  • Dealing with invalid and disputed invoices in an efficient and timely manner in accordance with existing policies.

Note: Payment will only be made on original valid invoices submitted to the Accounts Payable Section at the address below.

Accounts Payable

Valid Invoices

A valid invoice must include the following:

  • Supplier name, address and date.
  • Unique Invoice Number.
  • VAT number of the Company and net/gross VAT rates/value.
  • The correct Council Purchase Order Number. The Invoice should only relate to one Purchase Order, or part of. Invoices which quote multiple orders will be deemed invalid and returned.
  • Details of work/services carried out/provided and goods delivered.
  • Invoices which come within the scope of the Reverse VAT Rule (RCT) should quote the following declaration “VAT ON THIS SUPPLY TO BE ACCOUNTED FOR BY THE PRINCIPAL CONTRACTOR” and VAT should not be charged.
  • Proof of delivery (where appropriate).

Note: Should an invoice fail to comply with the above requirements for a ‘Valid Invoice’, it will be deemed invalid and will be returned to the supplier with a notification identifying the reason for return. Invoices which quote multiple orders will be deemed invalid and also returned. Where a purchasing department has a dispute or requires clarification from a supplier in relation to an invoice the supplier will be contacted. Payment will only be made when the issues have been resolved.

Tax Compliance

Suppliers with relevant payments exceeding €10,000 in any twelve month period are required to furnish the details required to allow the Council to verify the supplier’s tax clearance i.e. Revenue’s eTC (details may be faxed to 058 20833 or emailed to  Full details of the requirements in relation to Tax Clearance Certificates, Professional Services Withholding Tax (PSWT) and Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) together with application forms are available from the Revenue website.

Payment Methods

Waterford City and County Council’s preferred method of payment is by means of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). A notification of payment (Remittance Advice) will be sent to the supplier’s e-mail address provided.

Where a supplier has not provided an e-mail address a Remittance Advice will not be posted except if requested by the supplier or if otherwise required. In exceptional circumstances payments will be made by Paying Order (cheque) at the discretion of the Council. Where a payment is made by Paying Order, the Remittance Advice is attached.


If, as a supplier, you are not happy with the timeliness of the services received from the Accounts Payable Section of Waterford City and County Council you should contact us directly outlining your issues, in writing to Bridget Coakley, Administrative Officer, Accounts Payable Sectionat the address below, or by e-mail at