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Tenant Purchase Scheme

The Tenant Purchase Scheme is a scheme to let local authority tenants buy their homes.

Under this scheme, you can apply to Waterford City & County Council to to buy your local authority house. If approved, you must continue to live in the house for as long as you own it. You will get a discount on the price of the house based on your income.

The applicant must be in receipt of housing supports for ten (10) years or longer.  For those in receipt of a state pension, they can have an income of €12,500 without requiring a secondary income.  This applies only to pensioners.  Anyone under 66 must have a primary income, in addition to Social Welfare, of at least 50% or more of the €12,500, so a minimum of €6,251 from earnings is required.

Applicants should not be, or have been, in rent arrears for more than 12 weeks in the previous three years and they will be subject to Garda checks in relation to anti-social behaviour.


If the application is approved, a fee of €125 will be requested by the Local Authority to offset the cost of the property valuation.

Certain types of units are excluded from the scheme as per the Tenant Purchase Scheme Regulations;

  • Units designed for elderly people
  • Apartments/duplexes as per the scheme
  • Part V units
  • Units specifically designed for occupation by travellers, where more than one such house or dwelling is provided on the land concerned
  • Caravan, mobile home or a structure or a thing that is capable of being moved from one place to another (whether by towing, transport on a vehicle

The regulations also provide that the local authority can also exempt certain types of properties for reasons of proper & prudent management of the authority’s housing stock. The following additional types of property are excluded from the tenant purchase scheme operated by Waterford City and County Council.

  • Properties acquired or built in last 5 years
  • Specifically adapted properties and/or bungalows in larger urban areas, including Waterford City, Tramore and Dungarvan.
  • Mortgage to rent properties