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Traveller Accommodation Programme

The purpose of the Traveller Accommodation Programme (TAP) is to assess the current and projected accommodation needs for accommodation for traveller families in Waterford City and County and to outline specific proposals to ensure this need is met.

The Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998 requires Waterford City & County and County Council to prepare and adopt a Traveller Accommodation Programme for the period from 1st January 2014 to the 31st December 2018.

The programme will have regard to all relevant legislation.  The Traveller Accommodation Programme 2019-2024 document can be downloaded below.

Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee

The Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998 requires that each Local Authority appoints a local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee.

The function of the Committee as determined by the Act is:

  • To advise in relation to the preparation and implementation of the Traveller Accommodation Programme.
  • To advise on the Management of accommodation for Travellers.
  • To provide a liaison between Travellers and members and officials of the appointing authority.