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Estate Management

Estate Management is about providing the right social environment on local authority estates so residents can reasonably enjoy the area they live in.

What is Estate Management?

To make this happen both the Council and the residents must work together to ensure that their houses, green areas and the general attractiveness of the estate, is in good condition.

Creating an attractive and vibrant estate or community is not something which can be achieved by the council alone but through ongoing assistance and involvement with residents and agreement on both the Council responsibilities and the residents’ responsibilities to be good neighbours/tenants.

We can help achieve your goals

The Estate Management Team needs your help and for you to get involved!

We offer continued support for existing groups and new groups hoping to get started. We aim to continuously promote good estate management practices, and empower our communities by supporting and developing residents groups in all local authority areas in managing their own estates.

The Estate Management Team will be happy to:

  • provide guidance to any estate in getting their group up and running
  • assist in accessing any training or funding available
  • assist and advise in council matters including roads, footpaths, a green area, illegal dumping or anti-social behaviour
  • assist with any ideas you have to improve your estate

We do not have endless resources and cannot promise the resolution will be exactly what you seek, but the Estate Management Team can provide the group with that vital line of communication with relevant council officials and department.

How do you get involved? How much time will I have to give?
Getting involved can vary depending on the time and commitment you have to give, some groups have monthly meetings some meet just 2-3 times a year. The group really is there as a point of contact with the council and other agencies, to access services and grants and organise community events where possible. When it comes to time commitment it can be as little or as much as you can give, or you can simply help out at events organised by your group!