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Unfinished Housing Developments

Waterford City & County Council has established an Unfinished Estates Team to assist in the completion of housing developments in Waterford.

The main objective of this team involves the management of the completion and compliance of privately constructed housing developments.

The Estates Unit’s primary focus is to resolve any immediate public safety issues and then to address all serious defects in the identified unfinished housing developments. There are currently 50 developments in the unfinished housing process each at various stages of completion. The Estate’s Unit has adopted a collaborative approach to the resolution of developments with stakeholders such as NAMA, Financial Institutions, Receivers, Liquidators, Security Providers, Contractors, Developers and most importantly, the residents.

If you would like to know if your housing estate is included on Waterford City & County Council’s Register, please contact the Estate’s Unit of the Planning Department at

Please see hereunder for a Guide for Residents living in an Unfinished Housing Development.

UHD Resident's Guide.