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5 Axle Truck Ban

There is a ban on 5-Axle trucks on certain streets in Waterford City and Dungarvan in order to reduce usage of these vehicles in the city.

Areas affected

5 Axle TruckThe 5-axle truck restriction applies to vehicles of 5 or more axles, i.e. Articulated Trucks, and from 11.00am until 7pm.

The cordon implemented was selected to prevent through traffic coming through the city, while also minimising the area affected, to reduce the burden on businesses.  A permit system is in operation to allow certain vehicles enter the cordon in exceptional circumstances where necessary.

View Map of Cordons


Relevant Legislation

The power to introduce the 5-axle ban is provided under the section 4(2) of the Road Traffic (Control of Parking) Regulations 2006.

Deliveries can be facilitated during the period of the ban, by applying for a permit to Waterford City and County Council under section 2(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Act 1994 (Control of Traffic – Exemption Permits) Regulations 2006. The charge for these permits is set out in section 2(2) of these regulations and currently stands at €10 per day.

Deliveries can continue to be made free of charge, however, from 19:00 to 11:00 the following day. Rigid delivery trucks can access the city centre without charge. Driving a goods vehicle of 5 or more axles within an area covered by the 5 axle ban without a permit constitutes an offence under section 35(5) of the Road Traffic Act 1994.

Alternative Routes

Via N25 Waterford Bypass, (Tolled), or via the N24 and R680 crossing the Suir river at Fiddown.

Other Restrictions
3.5 tonne weight restrictions are applied to other predominately residential streets within Waterford City as indicated on the above cordon maps.

Apply for a Permit

The application form should be posted to: Waterford City and County Council Customer Services, Bailey New Street, Waterford or emailed to providing details of the haulage company, vehicle, delivery destination(s) and date(s) permit is required for.

If approved, we will then phone the applicant for payment.  Payment will be accepted by cheque, cash or credit / debit card.  A permit will be emailed / posted to the applicant and this must be kept in the vehicle, and displayed, for the duration of the time driving within the cordon area.

Waterford City and County Council maintains a database of permits issued, and will be able to verify the validity of permits to Gardaí, if required.

Download Permit Application form