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Lismore Park – Accessible Neighbourhood Project

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Lismore Park ANP

About the Project

Waterford City and County Council is currently developing a plan to make the Lismore Park, Lisduggan and Larchville areas of Waterford City more accessible for its residents.

An integral part of developing this plan is the consultation and stakeholder engagement that will take place throughout the project to ensure that community ideas and opinions are built into the future plan.

Connect the Dots, on behalf of DBFL Consulting Engineers and WC&CC will be conducting this consultation.

This Accessible Neighbourhood project area includes the Lismore Park/Lisduggan/Larchville areas of Waterford  City and focuses on:

  1. Enhancing Accessibility for All: Our project aims to make the Lismore Park project area more accessible for everyone, regardless of age, ability, or mode of transport. We’re committed to creating a neighbourhood where everyone can move around safely and easily.
  2. Promoting Sustainable Transport: By prioritising pedestrians and cyclists, we’re making it easier for people to choose sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling, and public transit. This not only reduces traffic congestion but also contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone.
  3. Connecting Communities: Our project focuses on creating high-quality pedestrian and cycle linkages that connect neighbourhoods, schools, shops, employment centres, and community facilities. This strengthens community ties and improves access to essential services for all residents.
  4. Government Recognition and Support: Waterford City & County Council are proud that this proposed project has been selected by the Department of Transport as one of 35 Pathfinder Projects nationally, demonstrating our commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions for reducing carbon emissions in the transport sector. Our project can serve as a template for replication and scaling up elsewhere, driving positive change beyond our community.
  5. Community-Centred Approach: The Lismore Park Accessible Neighbourhood Project is driven by the needs and aspirations of our local community. We recognize the potential of this compact area to significantly increase permeability and encourage modal shift, leading to a more vibrant and liveable city-centre residential area.
  6. Accessible Neighbourhood for All: Ultimately, our goal is to create an accessible neighbourhood where everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, can thrive and enjoy a high quality of life. We believe that by investing in sustainable and inclusive infrastructure, we’re building a better future for the Lismore Park, Lisduggan and Larchville areas and their residents.

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Background information

Project Overview

  • The main project objective is to transform the Lismore Park/Lisduggan/Larchville area of Waterford City into a 15 minute neighbourhood, through targeted active travel measures.
  • To provide high quality and safe pedestrian walkways and cycleways
  • To provide high quality pedestrian and cycle linkages to cater for shortcut trips through the neighbourhood and surrounding residential estates which can be used to access education (primary, secondary & third level), shops, employment and community facilities.
  • To reduce reliance on car trips within this neighbourhood by providing a sustainable alternative
  • To improve accessibility to public transport by walking and cycling

1.5 Project Goals

  • The Lismore Park Accessible Neighbourhood Project is a ‘Pathfinder Project’. It is part of the NTA’s Active Travel Programme for Waterford City & County Council and is one of 35 pathfinder projects selected nationally as part of the Government’s Pathfinder Programme,
  • The National Pathfinder Programme is focused on reducing carbon emissions in the transport sector, by enabling the shift to cleaner transport choices. It is expected that the Pathfinder Programme will bring increased momentum to the delivery of projects at a local level, providing templates for replication and scaling up elsewhere and with a strong emphasis on experimental and innovative approaches.
  • The projects selected nationally were those projects that could make the greatest difference to people living in their neighbourhoods/cities/counties.
  • The Lismore Park project area in Waterford was selected as a project with potential to significantly increase permeability in a city-centre residential area, encouraging modal shift. The compactness of the area makes it an ideal candidate for the proposed pathfinder project.

Project Timeline of Activities

  • Launch project and community survey to gather initial insights from the community: May 2024
  • Drop in resident and business sessions – DROP IN SESSIONS TIMING:
    • 🗓 Date: 18th & 19th June 2024
    • ⏰ Time: 2pm-8pm each day
    • 📍 Location: St Paul’s Parish Centre, Church Rd, Lisduggan, Waterford, X91 E167
  • Survey deadline: 27th June 2024
  • Options report from DBFL Consulting Engineers Q3 2024
  • Planning process (which includes consultation opportunities) Q1 2025