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Parking in Tramore

Pay & Display Parking

Waterford City and County Council operates Pay & Display Parking in Tramore during the months of June, July, August & September. The operation of the Pay & Display Parking is governed by the Metropolitan District of Waterford (Control of Parking) Byelaws 2023.

Using Pay & Display parking in Tramore
When parking in pay parking areas, please take note of parking signs.

Important exemptions
Disabled spaces are provided for disabled badge holders. Should these spaces be full, vehicles with disabled badges on display are permitted to park in ordinary parking spaces free of charge.

Goods vehicles actively loading or unloading are permitted up to 30 minutes to complete their loading. If a goods vehicle is not actively loading a valid parking ticket must be correctly displayed. Loading areas may not be used for parking during the hours of operation of the loading area.

Enforcement of Pay and Display Parking in Tramore
Waterford City and County Council employ Traffic Wardens to carry out parking enforcement of our Pay & Display parking locations, along with the enforcement of parking regulations and prohibitions, e.g. illegal parking on double yellow lines, in disabled parking bays, in school keep clears, on footpaths etc. within the Council’s administrative area.

If you received a parking ticket which you feel you did not deserve, you can appeal the ticket in writing by completing the parking offence appeal form (end of page).