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Traffic Fines

Waterford City and County Council operates Pay and Display Parking in Waterford City, Dungarvan, and Tramore (June-September inc.).

Enforcement of Pay and Display Parking

Waterford City and County Council employ Traffic Wardens to carry out parking enforcement of our Pay & Display parking locations, along with the enforcement of parking regulations and prohibitions, e.g. illegal parking on double yellow lines, in disabled parking bays, in school keep clears, on footpaths etc. within the Council’s administrative area. Members of An Garda Síochána also have this authority.

A Fixed Charge Offence Notice (i.e. a parking ticket), is a fine levied throughout Ireland when a traffic warden determines careless or illegal parking (or other offences) has taken place and may be causing obstructions for motorists, road users, pedestrians and businesses.

Note: Many car parks in Waterford City and County are privately owned, and as such, Waterford City and County Council has no say in fees charged, opening hours etc.

Fixed Charge Offence Notice

If you received a Fixed Charge Offence Notice (i.e. a parking ticket) which you feel you did not deserve, you can appeal the ticket in writing by completing the parking offence appeal form below.

From a Health & Safety perspective, to reduce the risk of violence/aggression towards Traffic Wardens, our wardens wear a Body Worn camera as part of their uniform. The policy covering operation of these cameras can be found below.

What Can I be Fined for ?
This document outlines what constitutes illegal parking i.e. circumstances in which it may be necessary to issue a Fixed Charge Offence Notice.

What Can I be Fined for ?

Paying a Fine

A Fixed Charge Offence Notice (i.e. a parking ticket) can be paid on this website using our Online Payments system, or by calling in to any Customer Care Service Desk.

Pay a Parking Fine here


The Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations, 1997 – 2013 provide for the general regulation and control of traffic, pedestrians and parking.

The local “Control of Parking” Bye-Laws also apply.

  • Waterford Metropolitan District Control of Parking Bye-Laws 2023
  • Dungarvan / Lismore Control of Parking Bye-Laws 2018
  • Motor Homes, Motor & Camper Van Parking Bye-Laws 2021