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Severe Weather Update – Monday 5th March, 8:30am

Waterford City and County Council is working to get the City and County open for business. Large areas of the City and County are now accessible and all national and regional roads are now open.

There are a small number of coastal areas and local roads which are still inaccessible. The upland areas of the Comeraghs and Knockmealdowns continue to be impassable and will take some time yet to resolve. We will continue to work alongside local effort to clear these difficult to reach areas.

The snow clearing continued throughout Sunday to clear access to housing estates in the urban areas and will continue today, Monday. We will require householders and business owners to continue to assist in the clearance of snow from footpaths in front of their premises.

Our staff has worked throughout the weekend to make the areas around schools as safe as possible and parents should check locally regarding reopening of schools. Caution is still advised as footpaths and parking areas remain wet and slippery. Particular caution should be advised where children are getting on and off school buses.

The Severe Weather Management Team will reconvene early on Monday morning. The focus of this week’s effort will be to clean up residual snow/ice and continue to work to provide access on local roads and resume regular service provision.

Appreciation is due to the commitment of all involved in providing front line services over this extraordinary weather event. We advise members of the public to continue to exercise caution as the weather event unfolds and roads are potentially dangerous.  Please continue to report areas of emergency via our social media channels.

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