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Severe Weather Update – Sunday 4th March, 12 noon

Waterford City and County Council is continuing the clearance and recovery efforts following the severe weather during the week.

Most national and primary roads are clear (both ways) at this stage although road users must continue to drive with caution and at a reduced speed.  Large amounts of slush and slush-ice remain as well as snow mounds as a result of ploughing.  Caution is advised.  Some roads are still impassable and we are alerting the public to this through our free MapAlerter service.

Please see our Facebook page for some images of the relief efforts made by our staff over the past few days.

We have crews out since 5am this morning and will be continuing to clear and then re-grit roads where necessary.  Members of the military are also assisting with footpaths and other clearances.  We have a long list of estates, schools, local roads etc that have particular access issues and we’ll be focusing the efforts on these over the next few hours.

There is also a reasonably significant thaw at the moment which will alleviate conditions very considerably as the day progresses in most areas.  If people have serious concerns about their own areas later in the day, they should contact us via social media channels or through the emergency number (0761 102020) if the matter is urgent and serious.

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