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Summer Festival: Robert Boyle Summer School, Lismore

The 12th Annual Robert Boyle Summer School is taking place in Waterford City & County Council and in Lismore Heritage Centre from Thursday 09th until Sunday 12th May. Father of Chemistry’s Robert Boyle (1627-1691) contributions to Science revolutionised scientific thought, and each year we celebrate this scientific visionary with a diverse line-up of academics, historians, presenters and artists over a three day festival.

Our theme this year is Science and Art, continuing the success of our sold-out Robert Boyle Winter School in January.

This year’s line-up:

  • Antiquarian Roger Gaskell explores the scientific classic ‘Micrographia’ by Robert Hooke. This text was the original scientific bestseller, and presented drawn images of insects and flora under a microscope for the first time ever.
  • Leonardo da Vinci features prominently on the schedule. Scholar Dr Martin Landrus of University of Oxford explores the interrelationships of Science and Art in da Vincis work, whilst figurative artist Una Sealy discusses the influence of da Vinci in her anatomical works.
  • Artist Nuala Clarke joins us to delve into the commonalities between scientific and artistic methodologies.
  • Dr Fernando Corbalán, University of Zaragoza and author of the The Golden Ratio, The mathematical language of beauty illustrates the relationships between Mathematics and Art.
  • SETU lecturer Carlos Garcia Pando demonstrates how da Vinci’s work informed the invention of the 3D printer.

This year, we offer our guests a botanical art workshop with artist Gooee O Brien, followed by the ever-popular garden party to reflect and discuss in the grounds of Lismore Castle. The Summer School is made possible through a collaboration between Calmast STEM Engagement Centre South East Technological University and the Lismore Heritage Centre, with support from the Waterford City & County Council local industry partners, and Lismore Castle Estates.

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