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Ukrainian Refugee Community Response

A Community Response Forum has been established in Waterford and aims to put in place the necessary structures and supports that are required for Ukrainian refugees that may come to Waterford.

The forum aims to source and provide accommodation for refugees and to enable the necessary community support at local level.

Outlined below is our ask of our Waterford communities, together with online links to feed back TWO requests for vital information required, namely:

1.     Call to set up of Ukrainian Refugee Response Group in each community/area:

We are asking that every community set up a Ukrainian refugee response group – either as a sub-group of an existing registered organization/voluntary group, or nominate a main group within the community to act as the lead and liaison with Waterford Council.   Communities and parishes can join up with neighbours if needed but the important thing is that every community within Waterford is covered geographically by the refugee response groups.

We ask now that you provide your details by completing the following online survey by close of business on Tuesday 5th April.

We will hold a meeting of the Ukrainian Refugee Response Groups on Thursday evening 7th April – details to be issued to primary contacts as submitted on the survey above.

2.     Identify available and potentially available accommodation/community facilities that can be used to provide emergency shelter or accommodation to Ukrainian refugees within your communities:

We ask that you compile a list of available and potentially available accommodation and community facilities that could be used to provide emergency shelter or accommodation to Ukrainian refugees within your communities.   We ask that you complete this survey as soon as is possible.  This link will remain open until further notice.

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