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Waterford Council Lifeguards go Blue for World Drowning Prevention Day

85 People drowned in Ireland in 2022.  Help reduce these numbers by following the basic principles for staying safe in and around water.

  1. Swim at Lifeguarded waterways.
  2.  If you cannot get to a lifeguarded waterway, swim where it is traditionally known to be safe and where ringbuoys are available.
  3. Always swim and stay within your depth.
  4. Children should always be supervised in or around water.
  5. Never use inflatable toys on open water
  6. Never mix alcohol with water based activities.
  7. Never swim in quarries or reservoirs
  8. When boating always wear a correctly fitted life jacket and carry a means of communication.
  9. To escape a Rip Current swim parallel to the shore.
  10. In an emergency dial 112 and ask for the coastguard.

Mark World Drowning Prevention Day by doing one thing, improving one thing and adding one thing. Learn one water safety skill. Share one piece of water safety advice. Change one mind about safety around water. Be the one who takes responsibility, because for someone at risk of drowning, your one thing could mean the world.


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