Cycling in Waterford

Dungarvan is a 'Smarter Travel' town, which means we are trying to promote the safe use of cycling as part of campagin to move people away from relying on cars as their only method of transport. Cycling around Dungarvan has never been safer and easier with cycle paths.

In Waterford City there is the Safe Cycling programme for schools, to encourage good habits in school-age people. And take a look at the number of cycle journeys on the Tramore Town to Waterford City bicycle counter at Pickardstown, Tramore.

Draft Waterford Cycle Network Plan for Waterford City and Environs

DBFL Consulting Engineers were commissioned by Waterford City Council to prepare a Cycle Network Plan for the area defined as Waterford City & Environs. The adopted study area, as graphically illustrated in drawing 132041/9101 (Volume 2) comprises areas until recently administered by the three Local Authorities listed below. Accordingly the Cycle Network Plan is to be consistent with each adjacent plan such that there is continuity of route networks across the traditional administrative boundaries.

  • Waterford City Council
  • Waterford County Council
  • Kilkenny County Council

The brief required that the Cycle Network Plan would identify and determine in a consistent, clear and logical manner the following cycle networks within the Waterford City Environs;

  • The Urban Cycle Network at the Primary, Secondary and Feeder levels
  • The Inter-urban Cycle Network linking the relevant sections of the Urban Network and including the elements of the National Cycle Network
  • The Green Route Network being cycle routes developed predominately for tourist, recreational and leisure purposes.

The findings of the study and associated Cycle Network Plan recommendations are reported in the following two volumes which together constitute the Cycle Network Plan for Waterford City & Environs. Download draft documents below, via the headings (large files).

  • VOLUME 1 : MAIN REPORT. This draft report provides a summary of the principal parameters that actively influence the adopted study areas development framework ranging from strategic national policy documentation down to local site specific local area plans. The existing 2013 cycle network in identified and an associated Quality of Service assessment reported. The methodology for planning the future cycle network is outlined with the resulting cycle infrastructure recommendations presented.
  • VOLUME 2 : DRAWINGS. This draft volume contains the various drawings that accompany the main report thereby enabling convenient access to the graphically presented supporting information. Five principal categories of drawings are included which present; (i) The Existing Cycle Facilities, (ii) The Quality of Service score assigned to these existing facilities, (iii) The identified key barriers to cycle mobility across the study area, (iv) The study areas principal land use characteristics, and (v) The recommended cycle network infrastructure proposals.